Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Testing Le Teeth Whitening

Because of the lack of reviews, information, ANYTHING regarding information (except the website itself) of Crystal Innovations teeth whitener stooof, I will take it upon myself to tell you lovely people of the world how it went for me. (Feel free to tell me any of your experiences too, the gorier the better).

Ok! So today I bought Crystal Innovations Professional Teeth Whitening Home Kit blah blah ect. It was on discount for £19.99 down from '£129.99' so that seemed a bit of a (dogdy) bargain (gamble). Arrived pretty quick considering it came from overseas to the UK! 

In the package is some 'Pro-White' which I am guessing by the taste and smell is just mouthwash, 2 syringes of goo, two boil-to-shape gum shields, fancy ass blue light and loads of other pointless stuff like special gum-shield carry case for extra hygenic people.

These are my issues/praises and outcome using the product itself:

  •  Gum-shield takes some time and expertise to make sure it dries in the shape of your teeth in 0.01 seconds - make sure it gets the front, and chopping it down's a bitch too. However you can always reheat and remould it (for the 3 times i have retried)
  • Pro-white stuff is pointless although I still use it anyway for the jazz
  • The teeth goo in the syringes is awful to apply, and hard to get equally spread all over your teeth (I rub it all over with my fingers on dry teeth so it has a better stick). Be careful not to scrape it off when you put the gum-shield on over it.
  • You look like the biggest dribbly, dumb, shiny-mouthed dickhead with the light held between your lips for 45 minutes
  • Straight after allocated time, on taking the shields off, the effect is blotchy and all-over-the-place. Think about those people with calcium deposits in their teeth; the ones with the little white marks? Looks like that. 
  • As the light's at the front, only really the front teeth get any whitening - i think my back teeth are horrifically yellow. 
 HOWEVER, after having a little breakdown over how I ruined my teeth and a sleep, they went (I thought) back to original colour. The next couple of days I retried, and as a tester only did the top set - they are actually noticably (naturally) whiter looking than the bottom set, with several opinions. SO although this product's a bit dodgy and in the long run might make your teeth fall out, for £19.99 at least I get some cool gum shields and FREE MOUTHWASH! And it actually seems like it works, too.

Hope this makes deece reading/informs you a bit about what you may or may not be considering buying. At the end of the day I'd still reccomend Crest Whitestrips huns

Lass xxxxx


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  5. Hi,

    Just read your post.

    The reason your kit may not be working effectively is you are using it wrongly.

    When you put the pro white on you have to remove the saliva from you teeth with a cotton bud then apply the pro white.

    You are supposed to put the non peroxide gel on the gum tray not straight onto your teeth. This is how I do it. Found this video on youtube how to mould trays and apply gel but is not crystal innovations kit.

    Here's the link :-

    The only difference with crysttal inovations kit you apply the stain remover to your teeth and then put the trays in. Put the blue light on for 45 minutes.

    The kit I have recommends after the 45 mins with the light that you leave the trays in overnight.

    The effect of the kit will depend on the type of stains you have got. I have stained teeth due to having antibiobics as a child. These stains are harder to remove as they go deep into the dentin of the tooth.

    It is better to discuss with your dentist the best way to go as regards whitening your teeth and if they can be whitened. Some people have genetically discoloured teeth.

    Please be aware coffee, tea can stain your teeth - just look what it can do to a cup. Curry and other strong coloured foods can stain. So cut down on tea and coffee and drink more water and if you have strong coloured food brush your teeth after your meal.

    Really hope this helps.

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